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From Thom and Becky Davis

Greetings from Cuenca, Ecuador

Giving Thanks!

Many thanks to our friends and supporters for the wonderful services, visits, dinners and lunches while in the States continuing our itineration September to November. We appreciate your love, encouragement, prayers and support.

On November 11th we returned to Cuenca, Ecuador for our bi-annual Unsión Board of Directors meetings. We stayed for about 3 1/2 weeks to re-connect with our team at Unsión and with our missionary team in Cuenca. We plan to return to the States to finish our itineration services, to spend Christmas with our family and then to return in January to the field.


We thank you for being a part of our team and allowing us to represent you here in Cuenca, Ecuador where God is doing such a wonderful work in the lives and hearts of the Ecuadorian people. May God richly bless you and your family during this Christmas season. May He fill you with His love, joy, mercy, peace and kindness and reign and rule in your hearts as we reach the world for Jesus Christ.

Without YOU…we couldn't:

- be on the field

- carry out God’s mission

- have the resources to reach this area of God’s world for Christ

- see 200 to 350 people each week receiving hands on counseling to help them navigate the difficulties of addiction, anger, marital problems, extreme poverty, physical abuse, etc…

- reach students in the Child Hope program through the Assemblies of God

- lead a staff of 45+ persons who are running the #1 TV station in Cuenca

- influencing 600,000 people locally as well as reaching 80 countries per week through the internet with a moral, Godly influence.


Without YOUR prayers, YOUR financial support, YOUR sending us to the lost children & people of Ecuador…all this would stop!


We realize that God doesn’t NEED ANY of us to accomplish His plans, but that He has CHOSEN us to be SENDERS or to go into all the world, preaching, teaching and making disciples of Christ. It's HIS plan and we thank you for doing your part.



            We pray for you to hear the voice of God to meet your every need, spiritually, mentally, physically and emotionally. We pray for you to have healthy churches who are made up of healthy members whose soul desire is to know God more each day and to know His voice above all.



May God richly bless you above all you could ever imagine…


In His service together,

Thom and Becky Davis

We are thankful to be a part of Unsión TV and the opportunity that God has given us to make that channel stronger and more God-honoring. We know that long after we are gone, Unsión has the potential to keep reaching people for Christ and that is our ultimate goal. We would be honored to have you support Unsión Television with your one-time or monthly contribution. Click here to give.





We would also like to thank every person and Church family that supports us on a monthly basis. We are so blessed to have a faithful support base. If you don't support us monthly, please prayerfully consider partnering with us by clicking on the link below.


Thank you for considering giving a one-time offering or supporting us monthly.


Click here to give with your credit card.


In His service together,

Thom and Becky Davis

Missionaries to Ecuador/Unsión TV


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